What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Fat transfer to the buttocks, more commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift (a.k.a. BBL), is a cosmetic surgery in which Dr. Plant removes excess fat from the abdomen, love handles, and lower back and transfers it to the butt and/or hips to give you curves that will stop traffic.

A Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve a fuller, rounder, and higher butt without using implants. Because it allows patients to achieve curves that would be impossible to achieve with any amount of diet and/or exercise, Brazilian Butt Lift has quickly become one of Toronto’s most popular procedures in addition to being one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed around the world.

Dr. Plant is well known for giving natural curves with the fewest scars as part of his signature one-scar Brazilian Butt Lift, and patients come from all around Canada for him to perform this procedure for them.

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What Are My Brazilian Butt Lift Options?

Depending on exactly what you are looking to achieve and how much fat you have to transfer there are many options for you to customize your Brazilian Butt Lift.

Dr. Mathew Plant is one of the few plastic surgeons in Toronto that truly customizes his Brazilian Butt Lift for each patient. Because he is using your own fat and transferring it in a way that as much or as little as needed can be added to any given area, he can specifically target the areas you want.

The most common areas addressed are:

The Butt Itself (a.k.a. Adding Projection)

Transferring fat directly to the rear part of the butt adds projection (makes it stick out further) and lifts the butt at the same time. This, combined with liposuction to the lower back, helps to give more “pop” to the butt and is most visible in the profile view.

The Hips/Hip Dips (a.k.a. Making Curves)

Transferring fat into the hips and filling the hip dips gives the smooth hourglass curve that so many women want these days. This creates a smooth transition from the waist to the thighs and gives an ultra-feminine silhouette.

The Transition Zone

This is the area between the hips and the buttock that is so important in creating a natural look. Often overlooked, this area blends the new curves in the hips and the butt to ensure that everything looks completely natural. If you have an image of a bad BBL in your head, it’s probably because this area was ignored.

How Big Are the Scars from Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery and Where Will They Be?

All Brazilian Butt lifts are based on liposuction, which means the scars will all be around 5mm in size and should fade nicely. In most surgeons’ hands there will be at least 6 to 7 incisions (read on to see why this is not the case with Dr. Plant). 

Typically, there are two within the bikini area and often another one within the belly button. Around the back, there are typically 4 to 5. The two very tell-tale scars above the buttocks, two better-hidden scars underneath the buttocks, and often an additional one between the buttocks.

If you would like to see the results that Dr. Plant has been able to provide our patients with, please visit our Brazilian butt lift before-and-after gallery.

What is the One-Scar BBL?

Just because the scars are small and fade doesn’t change Dr. Plant’s constant drive to use fewer, smaller scars. Dr. Plant designs the procedure in a way that uses only two small incisions in the front, easily hidden by any bikini bottom, and one scar in the back, carefully placed between the buttocks so it is hidden by even the smallest thong.

The two scars that sit above the buttocks and are a dead giveaway that someone has had surgery are completely eliminated in this technique. This is why Dr. Plant’s one-scar technique is so sought after by patients all across the country who gladly travel to Toronto for results that only Dr. Plant can achieve.

Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift

There will be some bruising and swelling around the buttocks and around where the fat was harvested for your Brazilian butt lift in Toronto. Most patients will need around six weeks of recovery.

You will need to avoid sitting, lying down, and sleeping on your buttocks for the first few weeks of your recovery. Mild physical activity can be resumed after seven days or so, but more strenuous activity will need to be avoided for at least six weeks.

Post-operative instructions will be provided following your Brazilian butt lift in Toronto.

Am I the Right Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you are a healthy patient who is unhappy with the size and/or shape of your butt or hips, then a Brazilian Butt Lift may be a great procedure for you.

While having a great butt and a narrow waist are two of the most commonly requested goals when patients join a gym or hire a personal trainer, they are also two of the most difficult areas to improve with diet and exercise.

If you were born with flat buttocks or hips, have buttocks that are sagging, have deep hip dips that you want to correct, just want more “pop” to your butt, or have undergone massive weight loss that has changed the shape of your buttocks, you may be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift in Toronto.

Results are beyond my expectations

“Dr. Plant at Clinic 360 is by far one of the best surgeons. He preformed my BBL +Lipo 360. He did an outstanding job and my results are beyond my expectations. I wanted an hour glass shape with a round full bum, without looking too fake. He nailed it. I am now curvaceous and thanks to Dr. Plant, I have hourglass shape like the insta models. He is so caring and takes his profession very seriously. A true artist. I came in weighting 140 pounds and I am 5’3 just for comparison for readers.
Thank you so much Dr. Plant for taking the time pre op and post op to make sure I am taken care of and completely sculpting my body to perfection. I couldn’t recommend a better doctor for this or any surgery Dr. Plant preforms as he is the best of the best.If you are reading this recently and are actively searching for doctors to preform a surgery you are thinking if getting, I highly highly highly recommend you go to Dr. Plant. You’ll be well taken care of.”
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How Much Will My Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

There are several factors that will go into determining the cost of your Brazilian butt lift in Toronto like anesthesia fees and the techniques used to perform the procedure. Our team will go over the price and payment options for your Brazilian butt lift during your consultation.

Scheduling a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

If you are considering Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Toronto, you should book a consultation with Dr. Plant so he can personally go over the different options available to get the results you desire. He will also answer any questions you may have about your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Our office is conveniently located in central Toronto near both the 401 and the Don Valley Parkway, which has allowed him to serve BBL patients from the entire greater Toronto area. Dr. Plant’s facility is located 19.7 km from Markham, 26 km from Richmond Hill, and 83 km from Hamilton. He also sees patients from all over Canada who travel to Toronto specifically for his expertise and natural results.

About Dr. Plant

Dr. Plant is a Royal College Certified Plastic Surgeon renowned for actively listening to what his patients are looking for and delivering those results through his meticulous surgical techniques. He is widely known for giving personalized results that patients are thrilled to show off on the beach.

Contact us today to schedule your Brazilian Butt Lift consultation in Toronto with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mathew Plant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the right candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Booty is all the rage. If you were born with flat buttocks, have buttocks that are sagging, or have undergone massive weight loss that has changed the shape of your buttocks, you may wish to consider a Brazilian butt lift in Toronto. Dr. Plant performs Brazilian butt lift surgery to patients in Toronto and the surrounding areas of Mississauga and Markham, Ontario. Dr. Plant has an office in Toronto to handle all of our butt surgery needs. Patients trust Dr. Plant for his experience and cutting edge techniques when performing Brazilian butt lift surgery to patients.

What can I expect during a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Typically, Dr. Plant’s technique involves fat extraction with liposuction. This fat is then processed and re-injected into the butt as micro droplets of fat. Usually fat is liposuctioned from the back, thighs or the stomach. The best part is that even this process of liposuction will provide your lower back a shapely contour. The process of re-injecting the fat in fact involves the use of hundreds of injections. These injections fill the upper part of your butt resulting in a perky and higher lifted buttocks. Other than using your own fat, you could also have the option of using implants.

What is the recovery time from a Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto?

After this procedure, you must avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for a period of up to 3 weeks. This will make sure the fat grafting sees the best and long-lasting results. A special garment to suppress swelling will be required for 2 weeks. Some swelling may persist for a period of up to 6 weeks. However, you will be able to resume all activities within a month after the procedure.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery safe?

All surgery comes with risks and benefits. Complications can happen with any procedure, but Brazilian Butt Lift is a safe elective procedure for most patients when performed correctly by a well-trained surgeon.

What Is Actually Involved With A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

While each procedure is customized to the patient, there are certain steps that are taken for nearly all BBL procedures. Before the procedure, Dr. Plant will see you in the presurgical examination room where he will mark you for the procedure. He will specifically mark the areas where fat is to be harvested from and where it will be transferred to. The most common areas of harvest are from the abdomen, love handles and lower back, however fat can be harvested from anywhere on your body that you don’t want it. Once he has marked you, you will be checked in by the nurses and then taken to the operating room and placed under general anaesthesia. During the procedure, two small incisions are placed just within the pubic area. The area will be infiltrated with a special solution that minimizes bleeding, bruising and pain after surgery. Dr. Plant will then use special cannulas to suction the fat from underneath the skin on the abdomen and flanks (love handles) and collect it in special containers for use later. Once he has collected the fat, his nurses will rinse and purify it to allow him to transfer it back into the areas you want enhanced. Once the fat has been harvested from the abdomen and flanks, you will be turned over and a single incision will be made at the top of the intergluteal crease (between the cheeks) allowing Dr. Plant to harvest the fat from the lower back using the same technique as on the front. Once the liposuction has been completed and the fat has been purified, Dr. Plant will use similar cannulas to inject varying amounts of the fat into the hips and/or butt to provide the contour you are looking for. Once he has finished, the small incisions are sutured closed using absorbable sutures so that they will not have to be removed. When surgery is complete, waterproof dressings will be applied and then a special garment will be applied to provide gentle compression to the abdominal area.

What Can I Expect From Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Patients who have had a BBL can expect a natural augmentation of their butt and hips that is tailored to their body shape and personal goals. The procedure also contours the waist, thighs, lower back, and other areas where reducing excess fat further enhances the overall hourglass figure. Patients report feeling more confident and sexier both in and out of clothes, and thanks to Dr. Plant’s One-Scar BBL technique they never have to worry whether their scars are showing. Because the procedure is performed using your own fat, once the healing process is complete the results are permanent so no upkeep or touch ups are required to maintain the results over time. Specifically, patients can expect to see: A narrow waistline and a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. Smooth curves along the waist transitioning into a feminine hip A smooth transition of the lower back into the butt, giving a night-and-day improvement in the appearance of the butt particularly in jeans and tights. Improved projection of the butt and a true hourglass figure Improved confidence in clothes, swimwear and lingerie.

How Painful Is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

How Painful Is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery? While each patient has different pain thresholds, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum for elective aesthetic procedures. Patients generally report the feeling of being bruised or having had “the worst workout ever” which tends to last for 3-14 days. Before your procedure, he will give you a prescription that includes multimodal analgesia, a specific protocol designed by pain specialists to address every aspect of the body’s pain response. This includes an anti-inflammatory to minimize the pain reaction at the surgical site, a ‘nerve calming’ agent to slow and minimize the transmission of pain signals from the surgical site to the brain, and a few “centrally acting” agents that minimize the brain’s response to the pain signals. On top of this, Dr. Plant’s anaesthesiologist uses a long-lasting local spinal anesthetic to block the nerves that carry pain sensation from the treated areas so that your body doesn’t even feel the initial incisions

How Long Is The Downtime From Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is different for each patient and includes a post-surgical healing period that typically lasts from 1-12 weeks. The majority of patients need to take about 1 week off work, but some need an additional week or two. Patients will be able to do most daily activities they’d like during this time period, but will not be allowed to sit directly on their butt or lie on their back while sleeping for 4 weeks. A special pillow will be provided that puts the pressure onto the thighs rather than the butt and this is to be used for 3 months following surgery As far as a return to exercise goes, light cardio such as walking on a treadmill or elliptical as well as upper body exercise is permitted after 2 weeks however patients should avoid running, jogging, squats, lungs or other significant lower body exercise for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks it is encouraged for patients to resume their previous training regimen to help maintain a stable body weight and maintain their results over time

What Is The Recovery Process From Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Like?

Each surgeon has a different protocol, and Dr. Plant’s is customized to make your life as easy as possible during the recovery process. When you wake up from surgery, you will be in the recovery room where you will have your own personal nurse looking after you. You will be lying on your stomach to prevent damaging the transferred fat. Once you are awake enough, your nurse will help you put on your abdominal binder, which will support your abdomen and minimize the swelling. Once you are awake and comfortable enough you will be allowed to go home accompanied by a friend or family member. In most cases, your dressings will be waterproof, so you are free to shower the following morning. It is important to have someone stay with you for at least the first few days to help out. You will be encouraged to get up and move around a few times a day to increase circulation and prevent blood clots, which can cause serious complications. You will see Dr. Plant for your first post-op visit the following week so he can make sure he is happy with how you are recovering. There will be swelling and soreness the first few weeks after surgery, but they will improve day by day. Your initial waterproof dressings will stay on for about a week, at which point they will be removed and replaced with band-aids. These can come off once the incisions are no longer tender, and at that time you can start scar treatment with one of Dr. Plant’s recommended products.

When Will I See My Final Results?

As with all surgical procedures, the final results cannot be seen for one year after surgery, however you will typically see an immediate difference right after surgery. With BBL, the fat that is transferred needs to grow a new blood supply in the butt, so we know that only 60-70% of it remains once you are healed. You will have a very good sense of what your final results will look like by three months, at which point you can confidently say the fat that remains has grown its blood supply and is going to be there permanently. As the minimal amount of residual swelling resolves over the remainder of the year, the scars fade and the final results will become apparent.

How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t fluctuate too much in weight, your new curves will last a very long time. No procedure can stop the aging process though, and your body will continue to age naturally over time. Proper diet and exercise are necessary to maintain your results so it is wise to get into good habits before surgery so it will be easy to continue afterwards.

What Is A SkinnyBBL?

A skinny BBL is simply a BBL performed in a person who does not have much excess fat. Great results can be achieved, but only in the hands of an experienced surgeon who knows where to find as much fat as possible and knows how to put it into the various areas of the butt and hips without running out of fat part-way through the procedure.

Do I Need To Gain Weight Before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Generally Dr. Plant does not recommend patients gain weight for their procedure because it will put them out of the weight range that their body is happy at and once the procedure is completed and the patient resumes their normal daily activities the additional fat will be burned off. Gaining 5-10 lbs may be advisable in very limited circumstances, and if this is the case for you Dr. Plant will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Who Will My Consultation Be With?

All consultations are with Dr. Plant himself, not a salesperson or nurse-consultant. He does it this way for several reasons. First, he feels patients are entitled to meet and get to know their potential surgeon before booking a procedure. Second, he strongly believes that only the surgeon truly knows what they can accomplish in surgery and he does not want someone who doesn’t actually operate making promises that cannot be delivered. Third, patients come having researched the procedure and are prepared with questions about the procedure that he feels can only be answered completely by the surgeon.

What Can I Expect At My Consultation?

At your consultation, you can expect to be greeted upon arrival and asked to complete a registration form and provide your OHIP card. Once you have completed the form, you will be taken to the examination room and asked to change into a gown. Once you have changed, Dr. Plant will come and speak with you about your specific concerns and your desired final appearance. He will also take a medical history to make sure you are safe for surgery. Once he has a good sense of what you are looking for, he will examine you to see the current state of your abdomen. He will show you anything noteworthy that might affect your outcome in the mirror. After he has examined you, he will tell you what he thinks the best options for you will be and discuss them with you. This includes showing you the specific locations in your butt and hips where fat transfer would benefit you most. He will also address whether there are any factors that are unique to your case and if something specific should be done about it, or if it’s simply something you should be aware of before having your procedure. He will then provide you with pricing for the procedure and provide the opportunity for you to have all of your questions answered.

How Much Does Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Pricing for a BBL in Toronto will vary depending on the exact nature of the procedure you need to achieve your desired results. The cost for the operation has been carefully calculated and will vary with the number of areas that are being treated with liposuction. Dr. Plant’s One-Scar BBL includes liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and lower back, but some patients choose to have additional areas addressed while they are already under anaesthetic. In some cases, patients require harvest from additional areas to give the volume needed to achieve their desired results. In general, you can expect your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery to cost anywhere from $11,000 - $15,000.

Do I Have To Wear A Special Garment (Faja) After Surgery?

Dr. Plant will provide you with an abdominal binder to help minimize swelling around the waist where the majority of the fat will be harvested from, but he will NOT put you in a formal BBL garment. These garments are typically designed to address BBLs the way they were done 10 years ago and only accommodate transfer to the butt, not to the hips or the transition zone. As such, they generally have cutouts in the back that can leave permanent circular dents in the fat that require additional fat transfer to correct. While Dr. Plant has never used one of these garments (for this reason), he has performed several revisions of other surgeon’s BBLs to correct this deformity..

Do I Have To Buy A Special Garment For After Surgery?

No way! We like to make things easy for our patients, so all of our pricing is all-inclusive, meaning the price you are given by Dr. Plant is the price you will pay. There are no hidden fees for garments, special pillows or fancy presurgical vitamins that magically appear after you’ve placed a deposit. The only cost you may incur above and beyond the quoted price is what you pay the pharmacist to fill your prescription and this is typically less than $100 for patients who do not have drug coverage.

Do I Need To Have Lymphatic Massage Afterwards?

While it is not uncommon for patients to have lymphatic massage after liposuction or Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Plant does not specifically recommend it. There are no studies that show the final outcomes of the procedure are improved at all, however there are many stories of patients having fat moved out of place and results damaged by inexperienced masseuses. Theoretically lymphatic massage may help reduce the swelling faster, so Dr. Plant is not opposed to it, but he suggests patients only see masseuses that are very experienced in treating patients following brazililan butt lift procedures.

How Much Fat Can Be Transferred During A BBL?

How much fat can be transferred depends on a few things, but most importantly how much “room” there is underneath the skin in the areas you want enhanced. Typically a minimum of 300-500ml of fat needs to be transferred into each buttock to see a difference, but transfers can range up to 1800mL per side. If you are looking for a more dramatic result then additional rounds of fat transfer may be necessary 3-6 months after the initial procedure once the skin has loosened and can accommodate more volume.

How Many Follow-ups Are Included With My Brazilian Butt Lift And When Will They Be?

While other surgeons limit follow ups, Dr. Plant feels that surgical patients should always have access to their surgeon and not be charged for it. In addition to the standard followup appointments at 1 week, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, Dr. Plant is happy to see his patients in follow up as much as they feel is necessary and for as long as he is in practice. Instead of limiting you to a year of follow ups, he actually wants to see you every year to make sure that your tummy is still looking great!

Can I Combine A Brazilian Butt Lift With Other Procedures?

While Brazilian Butt Lift is a very popular cosmetic surgery on its own, combining a Brazilian Butt Lift with other aesthetic procedures is not uncommon. While liposuction of additional areas is the most commonly combined procedure, Brazilian Butt Lift can be combined with different Breast Procedures, Tuck and Labiaplasty. Because the recovery for BBL requires you to avoid lying on your back and the recovery for breast procedures and tummy tucks requires you to avoid lying on your front the recovery can be challenging, but for motivated patients it is definitely possible.

Are There Alternatives To Brazilian Butt Lift?

There are a few alternatives to Brazilian Butt Lift, however they each have their drawbacks, making the BBL a far superior procedure. Butt implants can add volume to the butt however come with significant risks of complications. The incisions are larger and have a very high rate of post-operative infection. The implant itself is a foreign object, so it will likely need a revision or removal procedure at some point in the future. Because it is a solid object it is also prone to movement overtime and can migrate outside the area it was placed causing an odd look. Sculptra Butt Lift is an “off the shelf” injectable treatment where the dermal filler Sculptra is used to provide an increase in volume to the butt, however this is an off-label use of the product so results are not guaranteed by the manufacturer. The results are also significantly more subtle than a fat transfer and generally 3-5 treatments are required in order to achieve an additional 1-2cm of projection. With a product cost of approximately $10,000 per treatment, this alternative can get very expensive for a very minimal improvement.

Why Does A Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Plant Cost More Than Some Other Surgeons?

In a nutshell, good plastic surgery is rarely cheap, and cheap plastic surgery is rarely good. In order to provide inexpensive surgery costs need to be cut somewhere, and this means using lower quality equipment and/or rushing the procedure to get more done in a day. We firmly believe that when it comes to both Parachutes and Plastic surgery, quality takes precedence over all else, including cost. To ensure the best possible results, Dr. Plant takes as long as necessary to do the work properly and uses only premium products in the operating room. This includes Stratafix sutures, the Keller Funnel and the ONETRAC single-use lighted retractor. He also provides a level of hands-on service that is incredibly rare in this industry - Dr. Plant personally does all consults and follow ups himself. This is in stark contrast to the typical office where the majority of the consult and most of the follow ups will be with a staff member. He also does not place limits on follow ups, whereas some offices will limit patients to a certain number of follow ups, or limit them to a certain timeframe (1 year for example) before they charge you for further appointments. If you have a concern, Dr. Plant will be happy to see you 10 years after your procedure with no additional charges! With Brazilian Butt Lift in particular, it is important to compare exactly what is being included in the initial pricing. Dr. Plant believes that pricing should include everything needed to get the result that has been promised. With Dr. Plant’s BBL the pricing given includes liposuction to the 3 areas needed to achieve the best result (the abdomen, flanks and lower back) and also includes the garment and the recovery pillow. Many other practices have a lower starting price for BBL, however they only include 1 area of fat harvest and then charge for additional areas that generally must be treated to get a great result. There is also often an additional charge for the garments, the recovery pillow and there may even be mandatory massages at an additional charge.