What is ear surgery?

Otoplasty is often commonly known as ear pinning. This corrective surgery is extremely popular among adults and children as young as four years old throughout Toronto. It is known as ear pinning because this procedure allows large ears that protrude to be pinned back towards the head. This creates a more common look that Toronto patients usually feel is more natural and beautiful.

Am I the right candidate for ear surgery?

If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your ears because they protrude more than they should, they are not symmetrical, or if they are drooping; then otoplasty or ear surgery in Toronto may be right for you. Dr. Plant performs ear surgery for patients in Toronto and surrounding areas like Mississauga and Markham. Otoplasty patients choose Dr. Plant to perform their surgery because of his cutting edge surgical techniques and individualized patient approach. Dr. Plant has an office in Toronto to meet the needs of patients no matter where they are located in the Ontario area.

Reconstructive ear surgery

Reconstructive ear surgery in Toronto can solve ear defects that are birth related or due to trauma such as:

Cagot ears – absence of ear lobes.

Cat’s ear – edges of the ears are folded towards the front like a cat.

Lop ear – ears curve inward like a cup.

Scroll ear – the curl of the ears severely resemble a scroll.

Wildermuth’s ear – the ear curves towards the scalp due to it being reversed.

Stahl’s ear deformity – the ear is folded abnormally, creating a pointy edge like an elf’s ear.

Cleft earlobe – an indented earlobe.

Cosman or question mark ear – there is a separation in the skin of the ear between the outer curve and the lobe resembling a question mark.

Microtia – under-developed, small ears.

Macrotia – ears that are abnormally large.

Constricted ear – the outer back part of the ear does not have cartilage or skin.

Cryptotia – the upper curve of the ear is embedded in the scalp.

Cauliflower ear – after repeated injury, the cartilage is separated from the perichondrium, filling up with fluid and becoming permanently deformed and cartilaginous.

Malignant melanoma and skin cancer – ear surgery can help with removal of skin cancer and reconstruction of the remaining tissue.

Scheduling an ear surgery consultation

If you have protruding ears and are considering ear surgery, we advise you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Plant at our Toronto office. Dr. Plant performs ear surgery for patients throughout Ontario, including patients from the Clearview and Scarborough areas. His Toronto office is only 27 km South of Vaughan and 26 km South of Richmond Hill, Ontario. During the consultation, Dr. Plant will go over your reasons for wanting ear surgery, what results you can expect and answer any questions you may have regarding your Toronto ear surgery. Give us a call today to see if ear surgery is right for you.


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