Am I the right candidate for BOTOX in Toronto?

BOTOX® Cosmetic, or Botox in Toronto, is a non-surgical way of treating wrinkles on the face. BOTOX® treatments improve wrinkles between the eyes, on the forehead, and crow’s feet on the outer edges of the eyes. Over the years, concentrating or frowning could have caused these folds and furrows around your eyes or between your eyebrows. BOTOX® works on the underlying muscles which contribute to forming the crow’s feet and other frown lines. By temporarily paralyzing these muscles, wrinkle formation is hindered over time. A consultation with Dr. Plant is necessary to determine if BOTOX® treatments are right for you!

Learn About BOTOX® Treatments in Toronto

BOTOX® is a prescription medicine and once injected into the facial muscles, helps to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines. Onabotulinumtoxin A or BOTOX® helps with blocking of acetylcholine, which in turn temporarily paralyzes the muscles. Toronto patients may choose BOTOX® to eliminate furrowed brow lines or creases.

What can I expect from BOTOX® treatments?

Serving patients from all over Toronto, including Vaughan and Markham, Dr. Plant will inject BOTOX® Cosmetic into the muscles that cause frown lines and crow’s feet lines. By doing this, it temporarily reduces the activity level of these muscles. This results in reduced lines around the eyes or forehead. These results can be seen within a day or two, with the maximum to be seen within a month’s time.

Wonderful experience — thank you Dr. Plant!

“Dr. Mathew Plant is a smart, conscientious, trustworthy and professional doctor. I had Botox treatment done with him and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Wonderful experience every time. Thank you Dr. Plant!” Read More Reviews

What does a BOTOX® injection feel like?

A number of patients have reported that it feels nothing more than a pinch when they are injected with BOTOX®. Dr. Plant may use ice to numb the treatment area. If you feel any discomfort, your care provider could also use a numbing cream before the injection.