Should I Add a Lift to My Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. Many women desire fuller breasts, but what is a great option to complement your larger breasts? A lift!
Combining a breast lift with an augmentation can make your new larger breasts look perkier and more youthful. However, depending on what your aesthetic goals are, Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mathew Plant will determine whether adding a lift to your breast augmentation is right for you.

Are You Happy with Your Shape?

If you are looking to increase volume, but also would like to improve your overall shape and position, adding a breast lift to your procedure may be exactly what your solution. When a breast lift is performed in conjunction with an augmentation, it allows the surgeon to create a rounder look by lifting the breasts from a downward pointing direction. Once breasts are lifted, they will appear more circular rather than an “oblong” shape.

Do you Plan to Have More Children?

If you are planning to have children or plan to add to your family, it may be best to wait for a breast lift. This is because the hormones that occur during pregnancy affect breast size. In addition to pregnancy, having children can also take a toll on your breasts. Breastfeeding and fluctuation in size may affect the position of your breasts, so you may prefer to wait to undergo a breast lift for the best, long lasting results.

Are You Looking for a More Youthful look?

Unfortunately, your face is not the only place that shows aging. As we age, our breasts age with us by losing elasticity and volume. If you are concerned with your breasts making you appear older, adding a lift with an augmentation is the key to an overall enhanced bust line. Once a little volume is added back to your breasts, a lift can be done to help the skin appear firmer and ultimately more youthful.

If you are considering adding a breast lift to your augmentation, a consultation with Dr. Mathew Plant can help you understand how it may benefit you. If you are in the Greater Toronto area, contact Dr. Mathew Plant’s office today to schedule your consultation for a customized treatment plan.

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