Four Ways To Improve Recovery From A Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a comprehensive plastic surgery that can involve many individual procedures for a dramatic result. These procedures commonly involve breast lift, with or without augmentation, and tummy tuck, which requires significant downtime to heal properly.Everyone undergoing mommy makeover surgery, no matter what their specific procedures, wants as quick and effective a healing process as possible. Although talking to a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Mathew Plant is the best way to know your specific recovery options, here are four ways to help improve your recovery from a mommy makeover.

1. Plan Ahead

Many people may think that recovery from mommy makeover surgery begins after the last suture is closed, or when you get home from the outpatient facility. In fact, recovery can be influenced weeks before the surgery even takes place. Certain medications, substances, and behavior can all affect how quickly and effectively you recover from a mommy makeover.

Dr. Plant will walk through all the necessary preparation steps leading up to your procedure, including the following:

·         Quit smoking: smoking inhibits the body’s ability to heal, which can complicate recovery.

·         Maintain a healthy weight: for best results, mommy makeover patients should be at a stable weight prior to surgery, as severe weight fluctuations can change the outcome of the procedure.

·         Arrange for a caregiver: both you and your children (if you have any) will need to be taken care of during your first few days, and maybe weeks, after surgery until you’re back on your routine.

These steps, among many other specific preparations, can all lead to a more comfortable recovery time after mommy makeover.

2. Attend Follow-Up Consultations

As part of your personalized mommy makeover plan, Dr. Plant will schedule multiple follow-up appointments to, among other things, remove sutures and drains, examine your incisions, and ensure you’re healing as expected.

These consultations are not only important for medical reasons, as Dr. Plant can also help advise you on the best way to care for scars once incisions have healed, by using specialized, medical-grade products to help reduce the appearance of visible scars as you continue recovering.

Follow-up appointments will be frequent at first, with several in the first few weeks after surgery. At any time if you experience complications, Dr. Plant will be available to diagnose and treat them to keep your recovery on track.

3. Be Patient and Rest Well

One of the great things about a mommy makeover is that this procedure combines multiple plastic surgeries into a single session, vastly reducing the total downtime that would be required if you were having  each one separately. However, this does mean that most mommy makeovers require extensive rest and recovery, as the body has undergone many dramatic changes.

This is why it’s important to be patient, follow Dr. Plant’s restrictions and instructions, and allow yourself to recuperate slowly. When you give your body adequate time to heal, you not only make your downtime shorter, but also give yourself the best possibility for natural-looking results.

4. Don’t Just Lie There

Recovering from a mommy makeover isn’t a sentence to weeks of bedrest, in fact, moving around regularly can help increase blood flow, reduce the risk of blood clots and help encourage healthy recovery. Your exact timeline and activity level will vary according to your specific surgeries and your physical condition, but in general, you can expect to walk for a few minutes several times a day beginning immediately after surgery.

As with every other area of recovery, following Dr. Plant’s instructions and communicating any discomfort or complications with him are key to a successful mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeovers in Toronto

Whether you’re still doing the research or are committed to having a mommy makeover, Dr. Mathew Plant is here to help. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Plant to find out what options you have with a mommy makeover and how this highly customizable procedure can help you feel more like you. Contact us by calling (416) 907-4704 or filling out our online form today.

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