Huffington Post: Canadians Increasingly Seeking Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism: It’s increasing in popularity but what exactly is it? Medical tourism refers to people traveling to a different country for a medical treatment that is less expensive or that is not offered in their home country.

Dr. Mathew Plant was recently featured in a Huffington Post article about the shockingly large number of Canadian patients choosing to pay for healthcare abroad despite living in a country that offers “free healthcare.” Although there seems to be many benefits of medical tourism, Board-Certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Plant has also seen the disadvantages and even dangerous aspects of medical tourism.

It’s important for patients to do their homework in seeking any medical treatment, including appropriate licenses and qualifications. If not, patients may end up requiring additional surgery to correct another doctor’s mistakes, or worse!

Dr. Plant also discusses the positives and negatives of a universal healthcare system, as well as the large gaps in the system, lead patients to seek care abroad and pay out of pocket when the care is supposed to be available near home, for free.

For more information about medical tourism, the statistics of Canadian patients seeking medical tourism, and some of the causes that led them to this decision, read the full Huffington Post article online.