Injection Treatments and Millennials

Injections – Millennials

Millennials have been catching everyone’s attention, whether it be through social media, selfies, and the rising importance of reality TV shows. These three things are driving factors in pushing millennials to their nearest plastic surgeon’s office for Botox® and dermal fillers for rejuvenation and correction.

In the Cosmetic Surgery Times®, experts including Dr. Plant were interviewed about these injections and their use for the millennial generation. Treating younger patients isn’t exactly the same as treating middle-aged or older patients. Experts explain how plastic surgeons inject individuals 30s and younger crowd without producing an “overdone” look.

Furthermore, it explains how they manage the millennial’s expectations of cosmetic enhancement. Regardless of age, cosmetic surgeons should never oversell expectations or results. Dr. Plant is dedicated to providing only natural-looking results with these non-surgical rejuvenation techniques. During your initial consultation, he will custom-tailor an injectable plan that is suitable for your cosmetic goals.

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