When to Replace Breast Implants

A common myth is that breast implants need to be replaced every ten years, however, breast implant revision surgery in Toronto is only necessary if there is a problem with the breast implants. Capsular contracture, which occurs when scar tissue forms improperly around the implant causing a hardened and deformed breast, is a common cause for implant replacement. Breast implant rupture and implant wrinkling are other complications that warrant replacement.

Where does this ten-year myth come from?

There are two different ways that we come to this 10-year number. The most direct reason is that the warranty on breast implants is typically about 10 years. In the US it is quite common for patients to replace their implants just before that 10 year mark in order to get a new warranty moving forward. With most warranties these days, capsular contracture is covered, so there is some incentive to exchange the implants at 10 years. The thought being that it is less expensive to pay for a simple exchange than it would be to pay for the cost of treating a capsular contracture if it were to occur. The other place that we get this number is that when you look at all revisions across the board for any reason it tends to average out to about 10 years when a woman will need something done to her implants. This includes women who have had their implants exchanged for larger ones at six months, women who simply want to have their implants removed after 35 years because they just don’t want to have breast implants anymore, and everything in between. When you look at all re-operations on breast implants and calculate the average time to re-operation, it averages to about 10 years, but there is definitely no rule that you must exchange your implants every decade.

So if you have had your breast implants for more than 10 years, but are not experiencing any complications or discomfort, there is no real reason to replace them. As the saying goes, why fix something that isn’t broken?

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery or wish to replace your breast implants, contact our office today! A consultation with Dr. Plant will allow for discussion about your surgical goals and expectatio

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