Satisfaction Rates Are Climbing For Breast Augmentation Patients

A recent study suggests that 98 percent of women who had undergone breast augmentation were happy with their outcome according to the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Many reported improvements in their quality of life and self-esteem. There is a lot of additional information in the study involving things like recovery times, psychological benefits, and expected outcomes.

What Does The Study Show?

The study included 225 consecutive women who were asked to return for an interview at least one month after their augmentation was completed. This study took place over a total of five full years. Each woman was asked a series of questions regarding her recovery, psychological effects, results,and complications that she experienced. The median age of the patients was 34 years old and most received an under the muscle saline implant.

Throughout the series of questions, women were able to give their honest opinions about their experience with breast augmentation. This has provided some great in-depth knowledge for experts in the field like Dr. Plant. Women rated their post-surgery pain as a 5.9 out of a total of 10, with 10 being the worst. Many used prescription medication to remedy the pain for the first five days after the surgery. Most took off an entire seven days from regular work activity to recover. The average days these women said it took them to get back to feeling like their normal self was 25 days.

When it came to asking about their results, women were asked if they were happy with the final breast size. About 85 percent of women said that their new breast size was just perfect. About 13 percent stated they would have preferred slightly bigger breasts. About 2 percent of patients said they would have preferred a smaller size. When it came to their new breast firmness, 75 percent of women said they were rated just right.

Enhanced Psychological Benefits

The astounding part of the survey that was released is the psychological improvements that women felt after having their breast augmentation performed. A huge 92 percent of the study group reported that they had improved self-esteem. About 64 percent of the women reported an increased quality of life as well. The study states that women were interviewed before and after the surgery. Before the surgery, 86 percent of the women were self-conscious when it came to their breasts. After the surgery, only 13 percent were still self-conscious about their breasts.

The new information in this study will benefit both patients and surgeons alike. Since the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal is one of the most popular reads among plastic surgeons in the cosmetic field, it allows for a wide exchange of information about the cosmetic procedures that are performed by fellow industry experts. Surgeons gain a better insight into the realistic expectations that patients should have for both results and recovery, meaning Dr. Plant and his staff can guide you on your breast augmentation journey with more information to make your recovery as smooth as possible.

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