The “Zoom Boom” and the Most Popular Facial Cosmetic Procedures

If you’ve been working from home, you’ve likely realized that the camera isn’t always your best friend. With the sudden rise of Zoom meetings in this COVID era, it may surprise you to know that plastic surgeons are seeing more interest than ever in facial procedures to enhance facial appearance – especially with video chatting drawing attention to concerns like signs of aging or certain features. Even when we try to look our best, it’s normal to seek out a little professional help from your board certified plastic surgeon. Here’s what to know about some of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures Dr. Plant sees for patients making the transition to a virtual work environment.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or ear pinning, can be a transformative procedure for patients who face lifelong discomfort with the look of their ears. Although protruding ears may be less noticeable in face-to-face conversations, the angle and focus on the cranial outline can draw a lot of attention to the ears during Zoom meetings. Fortunately, ear surgery is a quick and minimally-invasive surgical option to bring the ears into a more harmonious and balanced position with the rest of the face and head. The best part is, you can generally return to work within a day or two of surgery.


This gold standard in facial rejuvenation can be a great option for more than just middle-aged patients and beyond. With options like the mini facelift, you can enjoy rejuvenating results even in your late 30s and 40s. In general, the facelift is a great option for smoothing lines and folds that may be more noticeable with a camera, as well as correcting sagging in the midface that comes with the aging process. Although you may need a week or two of downtime, you can enjoy long-term results and a younger, more refreshed version of yourself (and because bruising and redness are more easily concealable on camera, you can return to work sooner than you would if you returned to the office).


If you’re looking to avoid surgery, then fillers can do a lot. Whatever your facial rejuvenation goals, there’s likely an injectable treatment that can produce results. Fillers like Restylane® are extremely versatile and Dr. Plant offers a variety of unique hyaluronic acid fillers for customized treatment. Some of the most popular dermal filler treatments include filling in folds and lines around the mouth, diminishing tear troughs, and adding a little projection to the cheeks. Dermal fillers can last upwards of two years, making them a great investment for all your work from home needs.

Lip Augmentation

Unfortunately, the camera can make it all the more obvious when the lips don’t balance the other features of the face. Whether you want to explore fillers or implants, Dr. Plant can help you achieve natural-looking lips that achieve your goals for shape, size, and projection. Either option offers long-term results and can help achieve a refreshed look with your favorite lip color and avoid a washed-out look on camera.

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