Three Ways to Contour Your Waist

Body contouring procedures are becoming more and more common as people who were once overweight get back to a healthy weight through diet, exercise or weight loss surgery. When it comes to body contouring, most people think of liposuction, which is certainly the most common, but there are actually many different procedures that can be used to contour a body after weight loss (or pregnancy). Dr. Plant offers many body contouring methods for his patients to treat all areas of the body. The three most common and effective methods for contouring the waistline are liposuction, tummy tuck, and circumferential body lift.


Liposuction uses a closed suction method to remove excess fat tissue from the body without needing large incisions. Through incisions that are usually around 5mm in size, a blunt cannula will be inserted under the skin to break up the fat and suction it out. Dr. Plant uses a power assisted liposuction system to perform a technique known as SAFELipo, which is a three step process that smooths the fat both before and after it is suctioned to give the most even removal of fat and minimize the chances of contour irregularities following the procedure. The best candidates for liposuction will isolated deposits of fat that are resistant to exercise and will have good skin elasticity so that the skin can retract and conform to the new body contours.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) helps to remove excess skin from the stomach area. This surgery can also repair separated muscles in the abdomen. The tummy tuck is popular with women who have undergone childbirth and for patients who have experienced massive weight loss and still have leftover excess skin. This surgery provides patients with a firm and flat abdomen and be combined with liposuction to give a defined, narrow waist. An incision will be made along the bikini line and through this the skin will be removed and the muscles with be tightened up. Once this is done, the skin will be re-draped over the stomach and the belly button will be repositioned and reshaped for a natural look.

Circumferential Body Lift

After patients have weight-loss surgery, they can have residual loose skin in many areas even though they have lost the fat. It is impossible to improve this loose skin through normal methods like exercise and a healthy diet, in-fact, losing more weight actually worsens the loose skin. Circumferential body lifts help to address this when a tummy tuck wont be enough. During a circumferential body lift Dr. Plant removes subcutaneous fat and excess tissue all the way around the abdomen, waist, and buttocks areas. This results in a smoother contour of the abdomen, buttocks and outer thighs. During the procedure an incision will be made along the bikini line (like an abdominoplasty) and is extended all the way around the sides and the lower back. Through this, Dr. Plant can remove excess skin and fat as well as tighten and reposition tissues. This creates a smooth, youthful appearance with a narrow waist, a lifted butt and smoother outer thighs. The scar typically hides well within the bikini line.

Talk with Dr. Plant

Dr. Plant chooses the safest, most effective treatments to help his patients feel confident in themselves. Body contouring has become very popular, with many non-surgical treatments available on the market today. One of the most common is CoolSculpting and although it is very popular, Dr. Plant doesn’t offer CoolSculpting at his office as it is only effective for about 10% of all patients, which is not a result that Dr. Plant is willing to stand behind. With liposuction, tummy tuck, or circumferential body lift, Dr. Plant can give you ideal body contours that will help you to feel more confident.

To find the right treatment for you to address all your concerns, schedule a consultation appointment today to discuss your concerns with Dr. Plant.

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