How to Talk to Your Surgeon about Your Choice of Plastic Surgery

How to Talk to Your Surgeon about Your Choice of Plastic Surgery

Originally posted by Zwivel on June 18, 2016

The choice to have plastic surgery is highly personal and may not always get a positive response when brought up with friends and family. So how do you talk about plastic surgery without feeling worried about your choice? In a recent Zwivel article, a handful of plastic surgeons, including Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mathew Plant, discuss their recommendations when it comes to talking about their cosmetic procedure to close ones.

It’s not unusual to feel hesitant around others when discussing your choice of cosmetic enhancement. For decades, plastic surgery has had a poor reputation of looking unreal or overdone. However, with modern technologies and practices, plastic surgeons achieve natural-looking and age-defying results without the typical tell-tale signs of surgery.

In most cases, plastic surgery patients confide in their board-certified plastic surgeon to ease their insecurities and provide a safe and open environment to explain why they desire change. Talking to your doctor is often the best choice when considering any procedure, including breast augmentation and liposuction.

Let the Surgeon be Your Confidante and Guide

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Plant will provide an unbiased analysis based on your goals and desired procedures. His extensive training and experience generates a realistic conversation about your self-image and the types of surgery or nonsurgical treatments that may be right for you. After you and your doctor choose a procedure ideal for your aesthetic goals, it may be time to discuss your choice with friends and family.

Dr. Plant suggests a straightforward and casual approach when discussing your choice with others. He also states, “It’s important to have good reasons to do surgery for yourself, not just because it’s something you saw online.”

Ideally, friends and family will accept your decision and support you if it makes you feel more confident about yourself. If loved ones are willing to help, they can start by learning about your procedure and how they can support you during this transformative period.

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To learn more recommendations about how to talk to loved ones about your choice to have plastic surgery, please visit the Zwivel website.

Toronto, Ontario, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Plant is featured in various articles discussing the health and wellness journey through the plastic surgery process. “It’s your life and your experiences that make up who you are. I help improve what’s there – what’s already great. My goal is to help you achieve your best self and look amazing,” said Dr. Plant.

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