Dr. Plant Nominated for 2023 Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards

By Dr. Mathew Plant on 25/09/2023 in

We Made The List! We are absolutely thrilled and honored to share some exciting news…we have been nominated in not just one, but three categories for the 2023 Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards! The Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards are a celebration of excellence in various fields, ranging from entertainment and dining to healthcare, lifestyle […]

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Unveiling the Beauty Within: Selfie Contest

By Dr. Mathew Plant on 23/08/2023 in

Join the #BodyByDrPlant Selfie Contest and Win! Dr. Plant firmly believes in the power of cosmetic surgery to empower individuals and enhance their self-confidence. The #BodyByDrPlant contest is an opportunity to celebrate your success and inspire others to embark on their own transformative journeys. So, gather your courage, showcase your journey, and let your radiant […]

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Dermal Fillers vs Neuromodulators

By Dr. Mathew Plant on 16/05/2022 in , , , , , , , , , , ,

Many people assume that all wrinkle treatments that come in a needle are essentially the same and can be used interchangeably. This is definitely not the case. Wrinkles develop as a result of muscles repeatedly contracting and relaxing, repetitively folding the skin. This can leave a crease at a microscopic level which then becomes deeper […]

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The Best Way to Tighten Your Skin After Weight Loss

By Mathew Plant on 18/08/2021 in ,

After losing weight, it can be disappointing to find that you have loose, excess skin or stubborn areas of fat that distract from the results you have worked so hard to achieve. Not only can this excess skin be unsightly, but it can also cause issues with hygiene as bacteria and fungus can collect underneath […]

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Which Surgical Breast Procedure Is Right for You?

By Mathew Plant on 30/07/2021 in

Breasts can be a big part of a woman’s image and if a woman is not satisfied with how her breasts look and feel, it can be upsetting and lead them to look for solutions to improve things. After trying all the tricks that can be found on social media like breast tapes, “chicken cutlet” […]

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The “Zoom Boom” and the Most Popular Facial Cosmetic Procedures

By Dr. Mathew Plant on 24/06/2021 in

If you’ve been working from home, you’ve likely realized that the camera isn’t always your best friend. With the sudden rise of Zoom meetings in this COVID era, it may surprise you to know that plastic surgeons are seeing more interest than ever in facial procedures to enhance facial appearance – especially with video chatting […]

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How to Know When it’s Time for Breast Revision Surgery

By Dr. Mathew Plant on 22/04/2021 in

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available, so it comes as no surprise that many patients have concerns about breast revision surgery. Whether you have complications with your implants or are simply interested in adjusting your results, breast revision surgery is an option. Here are a few signs that it […]

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5 Surgeries to Consider After Massive Weight Loss

By Dr. Mathew Plant on 12/03/2021 in

After working so hard to lose a significant amount of weight, many people are disappointed to find that they have loose skin or stubborn fat deposits that just won’t resolve with any amount of diet and exercise. This can disrupt the body shape they hoped to achieve and leave them feeling self-conscious. An experienced plastic […]

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Four Ways To Improve Recovery From A Mommy Makeover

By Dr. Mathew Plant on 25/02/2021 in

A mommy makeover is a comprehensive plastic surgery that can involve many individual procedures for a dramatic result. These procedures commonly involve breast lift, with or without augmentation, and tummy tuck, which requires significant downtime to heal properly.Everyone undergoing mommy makeover surgery, no matter what their specific procedures, wants as quick and effective a healing […]

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